Best Electric Chainsaw 2018 – Buyer’s Guide


There are a lot of manufacturers in a market with various models at various price points. Some of these models are best suited for heavy commercial work; some of them are suited for cutting down firewood and for occasional use whereas there are few models that perform equally good at home and at work.

Chain saws come in different shapes, sizes, and purpose: some use it on wood; some on concrete; and some, even, on ice. There is a wide selection of chain saws that serve your specific purpose, and unaccounted as yet are important factors when buying such as price, brand, durability, built, quality, etc. And although there are many trusted brands of chain saws you can start with, choosing the best chain saw still feels like tracing ground zero.

What strengths are you looking for in a chain saw? Does one chain saw you like have some “dealbreaker” drawbacks? You need to factor these in. This page is intended for that reason; the ultimate buying guide of the best chain saw for your purposes.

We have used various chainsaws in our work and keep testing the latest models introduced in the market. Therefore, we thought of putting together this chainsaw buying guide to help people decide the best for them.

Top 10 Chain Saws Available in the Market Today

We have chosen the top three best chainsaws available in the market based on their performance, value for money and durability. These are some of the best selling models made by well-known manufacturers who are known for producing high quality and long-lasting power tools.

#1 Black Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper 4.5 Amp Electric Review

The Black Decker LP 1000 Electric chainsaw is our first choice. This is one of the lowest priced electric chainsaws available in the market that provides ample power for cutting through small tree branches easily. It is very sturdy, lightweight and has an ergonomic design which makes it easy to handle and operate. Another thing which works in the favour of this particular model is that it has been designed to produce virtually zero kick back which means that it is extremely safe to operate this chainsaw.

The best thing about this model is its innovative design. As the name suggests, the alligator like clamping jaw makes it easy to grip and shape the tree branches. Cutting through moderately thick wooden logs is easy as the clamping jaw grips the surface tightly and the chain cuts through the lumber. Due to its clamping jaw, there is no danger of slipping or any kind of injury. It cuts perfectly at the place where the jaw is placed.

The 4.5 Amps power generated by the motor is enough to cut through moderately thick tree branches. Black Decker says that it can easily cut through branches up to 4 inches diameter but in our testing we tried cutting through slightly thick timber and we did not have any problem in cutting. It comes with a 6 inches long bar and weighs only 6 1/2 pounds. This low weight and the soft grip handles combine to provide a very comfortable cutting experience.

It is an ideal tool for pruning trees, cutting firewood and general cleaning after a storm. The proper way to use this chainsaw is to cut the small branches first. Then use it to chop them into small pieces for firewood. It is able to provide clean cuts as it does not cut from top to bottom but cut sideways. The engineers at Black Decker have also taken special care to make it safe to operate.

It comes with metal parts which cover the jaws. Once the cutting is done, these metal parts snap back over the blade and cover the cutting chain making it safe to operate.

Features and Specifications

  • The power provided by 4.5 Amps motor is enough to cut through branches up to 6 inches diameter.
  • The innovative design of clamping jaws prevents any slippage and provides accurate cutting.
  • The two handles at the end have individual levers to start the cutting process. In this manner, the user has much more control over the whole process.
  • The 6 inches long bar allows it to grab items of bigger size.
  • It does not make much noise while cutting. It has a maximum noise level of 100 dB.
  • It has sturdy construction which means that it will last you a long time.
  • It is priced very decently and there is no other chainsaw in the market which provides such value for money.
  • It comes with two year warranty.

Even though most of the buyers are happy with the performance of this product, some of the buyers do not like the handling of this model. It is true that the design of this particular model is a bit different and takes some time to get used to but once one gets comfortable with its use, this chainsaw is the best at this price point.

Overall, if you are looking for an electric chainsaw for cutting down firewood or clearing up the fallen branches, this is an tool for you.

#2 Black and Decker LCS120 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Review

The cordless Black 7 Decker LCS120 model is a lightweight chainsaw powered by lithium ion battery. It has a traditional design and weighs approximately 5 pounds. It is the perfect tool for trimming or pruning branches and cut down fallen branches into smaller pieces. It has been specifically designed for making precision cuts at almost any angle. It comes with an eighth inches long bar and can easily cut through both soft and hard woods.

The highlight of this particular model is the high-powered battery that not only makes it lightweight but also provides enough power to cut through a lot of wood in one single charge. This 20 V lithium ion battery carries enough charge to make approximately 150 cuts of 1.5 inches diameter. This charge is enough to trim branches and cut the fallen branches into smaller pieces around the house in one session.

Another advantage of lithium ion batteries is that they have a comparatively much longer lifespan than nickel cadmium batteries. The package also includes a quick charger which allows these batteries to be charged in a short amount of time so that you can finish your job quickly. Being Powered by a battery, this chainsaw can be used at places where there is no availability of a power socket to draw power from We do recommend investing in an extra battery for convenience..

Black Decker advertises that this chainsaw can cut up to 8 inches diameter logs but during our testing we found that it can easily cut through bigger sizes without too much fuss. We were also impressed with the low noise produced by this model. We also liked the low kickback produced by the bar and chain.

One thing which has always impressed us in various chainsaws produced by Black Decker is the ergonomic design of their saws. This particular model is no exception as it comes with a wraparound handle which allows the user to grip it in various positions. It means that the cutting process remains comfortable when it is raised up to trim the higher branches.

The cordless design provides a lot of flexibility in the use of this model. You can easily take it with you without worrying for any electrical outlet availability. The compact size coupled with the great cutting experience makes this a perfect saw for homeowners.

Features and Specifications

  • It has dimensions of 14.8 x 7.5 x 10.9″ and weighs approximately 5 pounds. This compact size and low weight makes it very easy to operate.
  • It is powered by 20 V lithium ion battery which provides enough power to make 150 cuts. It means that one can easily clear all the fallen branches around the house in one single charge. One can also buy a spare battery to use with this tool when the other battery is being charged.
  • The ergonomically designed wraparound handle makes it easy to use it in various gripping positions. This design allows the user to use this product to trim high branches and easily cut down the fallen branches.
  • It comes with a two year limited warranty and an energy Star qualified battery charger. The package also includes an Allen wrench.
  • It is priced very decently for the performance.
  • It comes with an 8 inches long bar with low kickback chain.
  • It does not produce much noise while cutting.
  • It can easily cut through both soft and hard woods.

This particular model has been given an average rating of 4.2 out of maximum possible five stars by over 279 customers at Amazon. Such high average rating means that buyers are happy with the performance of this particular model.

However, some of the buyers mentioned being uncomfortable with the assembly instructions included with the package. We found that the instructions provided with the package are fine for experienced users but may be a bit challenging for first-time users.

Overall, this is a value for money cordless chainsaw which packs in enough power. There are very few models available in the market which are powered by high performance lithium ion batteries.

#3 WORX WG303.1 16-Inch, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp Review

The Worx 303.1 model is a lightweight and compact electric chainsaw. This product is powered by a 14.5 Amps motor which can generate up to 3.5 HP. There are very few electric chain saws available in the market which can produce such high power. In fact, it can easily compete with many highly priced gas powered chainsaws as far as performance is concerned. The absence of a gas engine also makes it lightweight and compact in size. The ergonomic design and low weight combines to make this a very easy to operate machine which can rip through some thick timber.

This particular model can cut up to 28 inches diameter logs which mean that it can be easily used around the house as well as in commercial settings. This model also includes an automatic oiler which keeps the chain cool at all times. A cool chain means longer life and better performance. The bar length is 16 inches which is enough for cutting through almost anything thrown in front of it.

Another thing which sets this particular model apart from competitors at this price point is the design of this chainsaw. The handles of this chainsaw have very soft grip but are sturdy and firm at the same time The engineers at Worx have taken care to design a bar that is comfortable to use The placement also adds to the comfort of using this powerful machine.

The automated tensioning feature allows one to tighten the chain without the need for any other tools is one feature which is not present in any other saws at this price point. It is a patented feature and makes life very easy when using this it. The designers have also taken care of safety as there is an inbuilt safety chain stop features which automatically stops the chain within a few seconds on detection of any improper contact. Therefore, there is minimal danger of any injury from kickback.

Features and Specifications

  • It is an electric chainsaw which means there is no pollution, noise or any engine trouble.
  • It produces very little noise.
  • One can start using this chainsaw right after taking it out of the packaging as it comes pre assembled.
  • It can easily cut through dry wood as well as wet wood which makes it an ideal tool for cleaning after a storm.
  • It has the capacity to cut logs up to 28 inches in diameter.
  • It packs in power of 14.5 Amps which can produce maximum horsepower of 3.5. It is powerful enough to clean fallen tree branches after the storm or cutting through logs professionally.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • Over 220 customers at Amazon have given it an average rating of 4.6 out of maximum possible five stars. This high average rating means that most of the customers are happy with the performance of this particular model.
  • In our tests also, we could see the usefulness of this electric chainsaw. We are used to working with much heavier chain saws which are capable of producing this much power. Therefore, we were positively surprised with the power and low weight of this model.

Overall, if you are looking for an electric chainsaw which is powerful enough to clean the yard and cutting firewood, this one fits the bill.

#4 Oregon C-S250-E6 Review

Based on the ratings, design, engine power and reputation of the maker, Oregon CS-250E is the best electric chainsaw anybody could own. With a 14” guide bar and just 5.4 lbs. weight, it is one of the lightest saw that we reviewed. It is very light and portable, provides quick and clean trimming. Although battery power saws are excellent for occasional cutting but they are not good for slicing larger trunks. But it is an ideal tool for cutting hardwood trees and smaller limbs with nearly 10 inch diameter.

The saw is very well balanced and comfortable to handle. It sets in operation only when you press the trigger so it is pretty safe to work with. This also saves a lot of battery for longer and continuous use. While using the 40 V battery lasted longer than expected.

The noise level is minimum; you will get no complaints when operated in public. No need of any hearing equipment and therefore the mental fatigue is also less. The automatic sharpening system provides an easy way to sharpen the chain by just pulling the lever for few seconds.

At a price of $385, it’s on the higher end, but you get a quality chainsaw with a design that serves no problems during regular maintenance.

Oregon is a well-known brand for its quality equipment. Many other chainsaw brands use Oregon parts in their machines and they have been there since 1947. The chainsaw currently has received only 4.6 rating from those that reviewed it on Amazon. So if you want a durable, powerful and smooth machine, don’t just take our word for it, take note of other people also who have publicly rated it as well.

#5 Makita UC3530A Review

The Makita UC3530A is one of the most powerful chainsaws on the market today. With nearly 80 reviews on Amazon, this product is not only well-tried but also well-reviewed by people. It is the only gas chainsaw that we have included in our list of best chainsaw models.

The design is a clear reason why people like this chainsaw. Not only does it have a nicer design that makes it easy to operate but it’s also built to last. With 15 Amps motor and a 14” bar, you get a good quality saw that is well balanced to easily cut trees of large diameter.

Although it is a gas saw, it has an easy to start system. The machine is not harsh to ears and cuts silently even after continuous use for many hours together. It also has auto braking, kickback bar and automatic oiling system that make using this tool very productive and safe.

But one of the reason, it’s so popular is the price. With a quality brand, an engine that has ridiculous amount of power, and durable material, you would expect something on the higher end. But you can pick up this great chainsaw for just $200.

#6 Remington RM1015P Review

Remington have been in business since 1900. So with more than 100 years they are an experienced player in chainsaw market. The Remington RM1015P is an electric chainsaw with an attractive price tag. This model has scored 4.3 rating in nearly 200 reviews on Amazon, so reliability cannot be a problem in any case. Although with a less powerful engine it is not ideal for tougher jobs but it does provide you a low entry point with a price of $100.

The RM1015P weighs 12.4 lbs. overall and has a bar length of 12 inches. The 8 Amp motor drives the anti-kickback bar and chain with 1.5 HP energy. It is an ideal pole saw that extends your capacity to reach overhead branches up to 15 feet high. Not only do those who have reviewed this electric pole saw like it, they RAVE about it.

The attached pole is made from high quality material that is strong enough to tolerate high pressure applied to cut hard limbs. This saw will easily let you fell 10” trees without any problem and clear limbs around the roof top.

#7 Oregon PowerNow CS250 Review

When purchasing power tools, consumers typically ask, is it worth the money? However, there is no assured solution to it given that every power device features its own collection of pros and cons, thus, finding the best power device to serve your needs effectively is needed. Oregon is a well reputed power tools company which has never ever let down any one of its clients.

Features and Specifications

However before you decide to acquire an Oregon developed chainsaw, a lot of especially the Oregon PowerNow CS250, it is important that you become better acquainted with its specs and functions.

40-Volt Lithium-Ion Batteries: The Oregon PowerNow CS250 comes totally geared up with a 40-Volt Lithium Ion Battery that contributes to a much longer running time and also considering that its made with advanced costs cell innovation, there are minimal power fades and also the battery could hold power for months up until needing a recharge. Unlike its predecessor, this version is known to give you 66 % more battery time which is equivalent to around 1000 demanding patterns as well as 400 tree arm or legs of 2 to 3 inch sizes.

14″ Oregon Saw Chain Bar: Oregan is one of the world’s leading chainsaw manufacturers as well as thus has actually matched the Oregon PowerNow CS250 with a modern chain which quickly handles larger cuts of over a foot in diameter in just a few seconds. The chin pitch is reduced profile at 3/8 inches and also the chain scale is 0.050 inches which enhances the chainsaw’s total effectiveness as well as rate. It additionally comes with anintegrating honing system (PowerSharp) which gets rid of any kind of traces of a dull chain and develops the chain in less than 8 seconds.

Immediate Begin as well as Less Noise: Unlike gas versions, the Oregon PowerNow CS250 does not call for any type of primping and also cranking for it begins instantaneously with no oil blending or chords to draw. There are no damaging emissions released in the air as well as there is absolutely no demand for any kind of heating up before starting with the work. It is likewise said to be about 4 times quieter in between cuts compared to earlier designs or gas run power saws

Ergonomic Designand much less Weight: At just 19 pounds, this modern-day item of innovation is light in weight however balanced and also stable as as compared to its cotemporaries. It also shakes less thus reducing the exhaustion of the user.

  • Automatic PowerSharp chain sharpener
  • Electrical power run means no damaging emissions launched airborne.
  • Tool-free side cover means simple and fast maintenance with debris remediation.
  • Much less power as compared to gas runs chainsaws
  • Not really hard
  • Kick break might start to malfunction if oil from the chain comes in contact with it

What clients claim regarding it.

The Oregon PowerNow CS250 has actually been well received by its users which mirror its 4.6 out of 5 superstar rating on Amazon. Individuals commended its environmentally free power source which was effective and also long-term as well as praised its several extra functions and also user’s guide that is comprehensive as well as helps with cutting and cutting.


This effective and durable power saw includes efficiently functioning modern systems, long battery life and also little resonances or sound. Its effective chain is ideal for in residence cutting and also cutting without the included headaches of keeping as well as preserving gas run power saws. If you do not appear to cut trees for a living after that this design is certainly the perfect fit for you and is quickly readily available on about $437 .

#8 Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 Review

Whether pruning, cutting, forming or dropping trees belongs time hobby or a task, it is still consistently visiting be a requiring task. Making your job easy yet effective remains in your hands considering that you have the ability to appropriately inspect the market and locate the excellent tools to help you well in your work.

Features and Specifications

The Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 is an ideal chainsaw particularly for customer based job. However, before deciding whether it is the perfect suitable for you or otherwise, you must have a complete consider the comprehensive specs and also attributes of this equipment listed here.

Automatic Oiler: The flexible oiler automatically cares for the amount of oil moving to bench and also chain. It therefore saves any excess oil that would otherwise obtain thrown away or spilled as found in earlier models.

Driver’s Ease: Dealing with a chainsaw could result in a great deal of tiredness dued to the vibrations placing anxiety on the shoulder, arm and hand muscles. However, the Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 has actually been equipped with an innovative anti-vibrations system which has actually revealed to lower resonances to a lot of extent to give the user with optimal convenience.

Easy start up

Power saw drivers have often had problems related to launching gas ran power saws with previous designs, but the Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14’s fifty percent throttle choke and remove guide light bulb have actually efficiently cared for this trouble as well as therefore the power saw has the tendency to start and heat up quickly.

PureFire two-stroke engine: The 32.2 cc 1.6 hp PureFire of the Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 is shown to supply clean cross tree branches as well as trunks. The discharge degrees are similarly met much less energy usage as a result making you an eco-friendly individual of this modern chainsaw. It also has a pre-built rope ring which allows the chainsaw very easy climbing without any added fatigue considering that it is light in weight.

14″ Oregon gear nostrils bar and chain: The makers of the Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 have included a state of the art Oregon sprocket nose bar which enables added control when handling the power saw thus causing tidy cuts. The individual likewise has actually an added advantage of adjusting the chain with the aid of a side accessibility chain tensioner.

  • Features a two-year warranty
  • Discharges manage indicates keeping the atmosphere tidy.
  • Top manage makes steering the power saw very easy and also conveniently.
  • May not work as effectively on thicker logs.
  • Fanned and also maintenance costs.

What customers claim concerning it

The Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 has actually obtained 4.7 from 5 celebrities on customer rating which puts this effective and also robust power saw in the leading rate chainsaws listing. People enthusiastically claim it to be a “superb value” in the gas ran chainsaw categories as well as besides the common problems found in the majority of power saws from the classification, the Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 has actually deserved its value in money and performance.


Handling a lawn with many trees can be a strenuous and also hectic task. Thus, it is very important to consistently have reputable tools in your garage area that could assist you lower your stress, tiredness in addition to any type of excessive time. With a Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14 the trees in your backyard will certainly always be well primped with no extreme inconvenience. At only $228, this chainsaw is affordable but with all the necessary rewards as compared to its contemporaries in the market today.

#9 Hitachi CS51EAP Review

Whether you are wanting to fell trees in your backyard or plan on beginning a business cutting as well as cutting job, the Hitachi CS51EAP will never ever let you down. With a solid industrial level PureFire engine that works on gas and a quick guide bar with different sizes to select from, this innovative power saw will reduce trees promptly and also effortlessly.

Features and Specifications

It’s not practically obtaining the most effective engine or a guide bar that adjusts to 4 different heights, however instead it has to do with obtaining the whole package. And also the thorough descriptions offered below will without a doubt help you decide.

PureFire Engine: The Hitachi CS51EAP is a better pick for commercial based jobs since it comes completely equipped with a 50.1 cc PureFire Engine that is well-known in the marketplace for its tidy, powerful and robust performance with no excess fuel consumption.

Bumper Spikes and also Gear nose bar: This cutting-edge power saw has bumper spikes and a sprocket nostrils bar which provide raised control to the individual, in addition to faster, cleaner and very easy cutting.

Safety preventative measures: When it involves chainsaws or any power tools, security is a leading priority need. Nevertheless you don’t need to bother with cutting your hand or losing a finger because the Hitachi CS51EAP has a double pole brake handle that supplies the individual ease of mind when reducing or trimming trees.

Flexible Oiler: Given that the oiler is automatic as well as adjustable, the user could readjust and also alter the quantity of oil flowing to bench as well as chain. This assists in saving oil and makes the job much less messy. The side accessibility chain tensioner is very easy to utilize and aids making adjustments to the chain easily as well as swiftly.

Decompression shutoff, guide light bulb as well as vehicle return choke: The majority of people, when visiting buy a gas ran power saw, are always doubtful the time and also power needed for launching the power saw, nevertheless theHitachi CS51EAP’s decompression shutoff, guide bulb and vehicle return half throttle strangle allow for easy start up and also heating up.

Anti Resonance system and also Air Filter: Making use of a power saw can be strenuous as well as energy consuming because of which the Hitachi CS51EAP has an anti vibration system that contributes to the individual’s comfort as well as reduces fatigue. Moreover, this cutting-edge device is additionally environmentally friendly and easy to handle as well as maintain due to its device less access to air filtration which cleans the chainsaw’s filter efficiently and also rapidly.

  • Light weight at 17.6 extra pounds.
  • Has a 7 year homeowner service warranty
  • Resilient and highly reliable for cutting larger trees
  • Does not included an instance
  • The noise generated might need the individual to use hearing protection services.
  • Expensive because of intensified and also upkeep expenses.

What customers say concerning it

Baseding on customer comments scores, the Hitachi CS51EAP has obtained a definitely spectacular function by its numerous individuals at 4.4 starts of 5. For a gas powered power saw the individuals were fairly pleased with the vibration-isolated deals with that minimized their total tiredness. Yet on the various other hand there were additionally some users that grumbled concerning needing to sharpen the cutter every single time.


The Hitachi CS51EAP was built for commercial use and also since its intro right into the marketplace, it has never neglected to give an over the leading efficiency in the work field. Because of its amazing attributes at a very economical cost about $330 on, this very advanced chainsaw in its area is a must-have for your tool shed.

#10 Earthwise CS30016 Best Electric Chainsaw

The Earthwise CS30016 is the larger brother of the Earthwise CS30014, as well as an excellent electric chainsaw for light duty work around your home. It’s simple to make use of as well as lug about the yard. A well-balanced power saw that comes with a tool-less chain tensioner, making it basic to readjust the chain. Periodically the automated oiling system gets blocked however that’s true for numerous chainsaws. It merely suggests you need to stop what you’re doing and unblock it when this happens. Not a huge bargain. It’s simply among those things you learn to accept with chainsaws.

The safety and security pointer guard is an excellent function that ships with this saw for the objective of avoiding kickback. I’m sure it will certainly be greatly cherished by new power saw owners. It’s not as well loud yet I still advise hearing protection with it as well as Ensure you purchase bar and also chain oil with this saw as it doesn’t included any type of.

This is a superb power saw for the money; economical and it will certainly deal with those tiny tasks around the residence. As constantly, with a corded power tool be careful not to obtain tangled up in the cord as well as keep the cable away from your reducing area. Is it the very best electrical chainsaw? Well, it depends just what you require it for.


  • Oregon Bar Chain: Quality chain that you can trust.
  • Tool-less Chain Tension: Easy making changes.
  • Automatic Bar as well as Chain Oiling: Easy maintenance.
  • Automatic Oiling of Motor: No mess, no hassle.
  • Oil Level Home window/ Scale: Effortlessly track your oil level.
  • Safety Tip Blade/ Anti-Kickback: A more secure way to work.
  • Safety Cutter Cover: So you could be safe when you move your chainsaw.
  • Cable Retention Hook: A small benefit.
  • Double Shielded Cord: Extra defense from the atmosphere.
  • Rubber Over Molded Deal with: Convenience to make job less complicated.

What customers claim:

For light backyard job this is a GREAT little Saw. Do not expect to cut ricks of wood with this, But it functions wonderful for tiny trees, arm or legs or brush.

Perfect for up-keeping my lawn, and cutting the trees. Actually cuts through some beautiful large logs. Appears a great deal tougher and strong than my Homelite electric, which it replaced. I anticipate it to last a lot longer.

We didn’t chop down the gigantic tree in our back yard, we employed experts. But once it was down, we used this to reduce up the areas right into fire wood pieces. It takes some time, its a smaller sized power saw, however it functions as well as the price is fantastic.

Best Electric Chain Saw : Ultimate Buying Guide 2017

Types of Chain Saws

In order to help you choose a chain saw that best suits your needs, you must first have a grasp of some of the types of chain saws and their specific functions, abilities, and limitations.

  • Professional Saws – these are heavy-duty chain saws that function in different purposes other than tree-cutting. Their blades are made of robust materials and designed to endure even cutting through concretes and full-time, everyday use. Special variations also allow the cutter to cut through ice.
  • All-Around Saws – these high-power saws are built primarily for woodwork, with only slightly lower performance than that of professional-grade chain saws.
  • Recreational Saws – also called “consumer” or “commercial” saws, this particular type of saw are suited for “recreational” uses that need the use of chain saws only sparingly.
  • Tree Care Saws – used primarily by tree care professionals, Tree Care Saws are designed to meet all needs needed in professional woodcutting.

In addition to these distinctions, it is also important to factor in the size of the machine itself and the size of the tree or material you wish to cut through. A good rule of thumb to follow is that: the smaller the machine, the easier it is to handle; and the larger the tree or material to cut, the bigger the machine it will require.

The Advantages of Electric Chain Saws

There is no wonder why old folk still opt for gas-powered chain saws; they are usually more powerful and more robust they can take down enormous in just a few minutes. No wonder why loggers can’t let them go. But for the “recreational” user, electric chain saws have been a much cheaper, safer and over-all practical alternative.

First, you don’t need gas with electric chain saws. Second, the designs of electric chain saws today are consistently compact and lightweight, some even operate less noisily when compared to their gas-powered counterparts. Finally, they can be bought for cheap.

How to Buy the Best Electric Chain Saw

There are so many features that are coming out as we speak; these features will continuously reinforce what a current model does and make the next model do a much better job. The primary thing to consider when buying the best electric chain saw is finding the item that best fits your purpose. For what will you use the chain saw? How open will you use it? Can you really not give up on a specific feature? Taking these into account will really filter your options.

To help you even further, take a look at the following information. Take it as the “ultimate guide” in buying the best electric chain saw for you.

How to Buy the Best Electric Chain Saw

First things’ first. You need to factor in the following when buying a chain saw that best suits your needs. Think of it as a check list of considerations that are important and at least things that will impact your purchase.

  • FEATURES AND CAPABILITIES – to factor these in, you must first need to clear what features in a chain saw do you most certainly need? Do you have considerably large wood-work and need a relatively long bar on the chain saw? Do you need something to take with you on-the-go? Only look for the features that you really need. Having a high-powered motor is good, but in a few years or a few model generations that “high-power” will no longer be relevant. The secret to buying wisely is to ultimately factor in your very specific needs.
  • SIZE AND WEIGHT – Do you need a chain saw that you have to carry with you on-the-road? What is the ideal size and weight for you to take the saw with you in your travels? And most importantly: how big or heavy a chain saw do you need to actually cut through the wood you wish to cut? Size and weight rarely come into play for most buyers, so be wiser than usual, and take these into account.
  • DURABILITY AND POWER – when buying your chain saw it is very important to factor in its durability as well as its power. These purchases, supposedly, are investments made by you. You want to have the most out of them, and even though proper care and usage is always advised, you want their durability and power set pretty high. This said, you need to factor in the way you are going to use your machine: are you going to use them in a frequent, day-to-day basis? You might want to opt for bigger, heavier-duty saws for that. Or are you simply looking for a chain saw for part-time, recreational use?
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY – safety and security should be a first in your considerations. You don’t want to risk your safety in using a chain saw just to save a few bucks. Usually, you want to look at how a specific model of chain saw operates exactly. Know its parts. And recognize if it has some safety and security features installed. A good measure is finding if the touch of the handle (usually rubber) is natural to the hand. You want this because this is the part of the saw with which you manoeuvre.
  • WARRANTY – you can never go wrong with warranties. You want to find a chain saw that has a lengthy run of warranty. One year is ideal, but if you can secure more years, that’s good. Although users are careful with their tools, it is always ideal to have a warranty to back you up on any potential and as-yet-undetected defects on the chain saw.

In taking all of this into account, you must also set a very clear budget frame. How much are you willing to spend? How much are you able to cash out on a single chain saw? Ideally, electric chain saws cost around one hundred to three hundred dollars, while their gas-powered, heavier-duty counterparts cost around six hundred. Make sure you also take in consideration the necessary accessories you need for your chain saw: gloves, chain casing/covers, etc.

In finding out about these factors, you have your best chance in looking up reviews online. The internet is a great resource of finding information about a specific product. And as I have mentioned, reviews are typically first-hand descriptions/recounting of one’s experience with a specific product; if the product experience for a specific reviewer is good, they will recommend it, if it is not, they will disapprove it.

One bit of tip to share you, however, is to not take other reviews so seriously. One reviewer might find one specific product very efficient and capable, while another very poor and claiming to be a waste of money. Because of the differing voices, reading reviews can end you up in a bigger confusion than your original situation.

A great rule of thumb is to just follow your instincts. Read the reviews and get excited about a product. Validate the information by doing a quick sweep-search on the internet. Check if the specific product fits your need and can be covered entirely by your budget. Move on ahead and purchase it, finally.

Take this buying guide as a starting point for your buying experience. Compare prices and products. Take in and out the features you want on your chain saw and the features that you don’t want on your chain saw. This way, you are getting real value for your money.

Things To Look When Buying

Every chainsaw model is different. Some of the models produce high power but are uncomfortable to handle whereas some models are easy to handle but do not produce that much power. The truth is that you need to buy a product which satisfies your needs. Therefore, we always recommend an electric chainsaw or a cordless for use around the house. We list below some of the features you need to look into while deciding on the for your needs.

1. Performance

One of the first things you should look into while deciding on a chainsaw is the performance of the machine. After all, you are spending money to cut down wood. There is no use of spending money on something which is not able to chomp down on the tree branches in your property. Depending on the specific use, check the maximum thickness a chainsaw can cut.

We recommend buying a chainsaw which has enough power to fulfil your daily needs. There is no point in spending money on a powerful chainsaw when you have no use for it. Therefore, if you are going to use your chainsaw for only occasional clean up after a storm or for cutting firewood, it is better to spend money on a cordless or an electric chainsaw which provides enough power to cut through moderately thick tree branches.

2. Comfort

Another thing which one needs to look into before buying a chainsaw is the comfort aspect. The overall weight of the tool, design of handles and placement of bar are important factors as far as comfort level of using a chainsaw is concerned.

Therefore, we always recommend buying a chainsaw which is lightweight and is ergonomically designed. Since homeowners are going to use it only occasionally, it is important to use a design which can be used by anyone.

3. Safety

Safety is one of the most overlooked features when people make a buying decision for their chainsaw. However, we consider it one of the most important features which one should definitely look into before finalizing a particular model.

These are very powerful machines and a high kick back can result in severe injury. Therefore, we always recommend our readers to buy a chainsaw which has low kick back and has other inbuilt safety features.

Choose a chainsaw which has been designed keeping the safety of users in mind.

4. Noise and Vibration

Chainsaws usually produce a lot of noise and vibrate a lot. Exposure to high decibel noise for long hours can lead to deafness. It also affects the ability of the user to stay aware of the surroundings which increases the risk level. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a chainsaw which produces the least noise. Cordless and electric chainsaws have an edge over gas powered tools in this regard.

Due to high level of vibrations produced, chain saws lead to hand fatigue when operated for long hours. However, modern design ensures that the vibration is kept to a minimum. Many of the new models come with well designed handles which absorb vibration and result in comfortable operation.

5. Warranty and Brand Name

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of manufacturers producing a whole lot of different models. In addition to established brands, one also has access to cheap knockoffs. However, these cheap knockoffs do not perform well and more often than not result in injury. Therefore, we always recommend our readers to buy a well-known brand such as Black Decker.

In our experience, most of the tools made by established manufacturers perform really well and are durable. However, sometimes issues may develop over a period of time. Therefore, it is important to choose a Manufacturer which provides warranty for a few years.

The Engine Of The Chainsaw

Once you have identified the needs, you will have to choose between a gas or electric model (mains or battery), keeping in mind that the higher the power, the higher is the weight, noise and vibration levels.

#1 Gas Or Electric Chainsaw?

Used by professionals as well as individuals for heavy duty cutting, the gas saws are very powerful, which gives a very good performance. They are relatively noisy, polluting and produce strong vibrations.
Recommended for casual use and for wood of medium diameter, the electric saws are easier to use, quieter, lighter but with less interesting power / weight ratio as compared to gas chainsaws. Their use requires having to close an extension cord or outlet.
Particularly handy, light and quiet, the wireless chainsaws have a rechargeable lithium battery (18 V) which allows freedom of movement. Cons: they have moderate engine power (between 600 and 1000 W), can be operated for short sessions (15 to 25 minutes on average) and their use is limited to small pruning or cutting of branches of small diameter. The charging time of the battery is an average of 6 to 8 hours.

#2 Power And Engine

It depends on the type of work to be done, the diameter, the nature and density of the wood. For electric chainsaws, take into account the power, expressed in watts (W or kW). Also check the engine capacity (cm3 or cc): the higher it is, the more it reduces the ability of wood to stop the chain.
So if you need to cut a leafy tree with an average density, first pay attention to the power (W) of the engine while if you need to cut a small but very hard (or softwood) tree, you must also ensure that the displacement (cc or cm3) is relatively high (see the nature of the wood).
Small chainsaws are generally between 30 cc and 35 cc. The most powerful models are between 35 and 50 cc. The professional machines can also reach up-to 125 cc. Note, however, that the higher the capacity, the higher is the weight of the machine.

#3 Gas Chainsaws : 2 Stroke Or 4 Stroke?

For gas chainsaws, you can choose between 2-stroke or 4 stroke engines, each with its advantages and disadvantages. 2-stroke engines, the most popular, have lower weight, are easy to start and offer a very good return. By cons, they are very noisy. They use a mixture of oil and fuel. 4-stroke engines are heavier but they have cleaner and quieter parts. They did not need a mixture of oil and fuel and run on unleaded fuel.

Note: To meet the new standards, manufacturers have developed new greener combustion engines that can significantly reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Engine TypesBenefitsDisadvantages
Gas ChainsawVery good performance, wide power range, good power / weight ratioNoise and air pollution, fuel consumption, manual start, maintenance, weight
Electric ChainsawHandling, low noise, no air pollution, economic consumption, instant startup, reduced maintenance, lower weightPower / weight ratio, the presence of power cord (limit the scope and can hinder movement)
Electric Cordless ChainsawNo wire, light weight, low noise, no air pollution, economic consumption, instant startup, reduced maintenanceDiameter limited cuts, reduced operation time (depends on battery power left), battery weight, battery prices when replacing

In Conclusion To Best Electric Chainsaws:

Regardless if you are using it for business or for recreation, chain saws are robust instruments in cutting through woods, concrete, or even ice. It is such a terrific tool in carpentry, furniture-making and other tasks that there have been room for a wide array of brands, specifications and features that it starts to get all dizzying for the beginner.

Commit to memory that, as in every other purchase, gadgets and appliance in particular, chain saws similarly improve over the course of generations of models, brand after brand, unit after unit, and the next chain saw will definitely be better than the one before.

That being said, you don’t need to update to every unit because there is simply no single chain saw that will do every job. You only need to understand what exactly your needs are. Take into consideration if for example you are a professional woodworker or you are simply taking a shot at redefining your home furniture.

Are you logging for a small fireplace? Or are you supplying lumbers for large projects? Maybe you are cutting through for special purposes? Understanding what need you are exactly trying to fulfil will really filter your options and land you on the perfect chain saw.

Scroll back to our ultimate buying guide to finding the best chain saw and enjoy the features you actually look for in your tool/machine. Remember that cutting through woods is easiest when you have the perfect tool for the job.

Now that you have seen the options and reviewed our top picks for the best chainsaws on the market, its up-to you to pick something that satisfy your needs, is in your budget and overall help you gear up for your sawing adventures.

As you know new chainsaw models are created daily by new and old manufacturers. For that reason, the comparison chart would be updated as new chainsaws are added to the list. Or if you feel a superior machine is missed that deserves an entry in the list, then let me know in the comments below!

Best Electric Chainsaw 2018 – Buyer’s Guide
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